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The Sa'Pasheen Panther Girls (En Robin Dancer)

Our Story

The Sa’Pasheen is Robin’s Band, so the story of the Sa’Pasheen is the story of En Robin, and it begins long ago in the forests outside of Tharna, where a young woman freshly removed from her city life as the daughter of a red caste commander sought refuge.

Robin was brought into the newly formed Torva Quod Solvo, their first cub and was the first cub to become a sister. Over time Robin rose up through the ranks of the Torva Quod Solvo, eventually becoming En of the band.

The Torva Quod Solvo were less prone to warrior ways, living in the forests outside of Tharna, and instead practiced more of the dark arts under the Goddess. Not that they weren't fierce opponents in their own right, they certainly were, but the Torva warriors were cryptic and more apt to sneak in behind an opponent, moving in the shadows, some said with the mystical power of invisibility they could just suddenly appear with a dagger to your throat.

Of course, as is likely to happen when a city is so close to the forests where panther girls dwell, the warriors of Tharna began to burn the surrounding forests in attempts to capture the ever elusive and bothersome sisters of the Torva Quod Solvo, and eventually the time came when the band decided they must leave their beloved grounds and move deeper into the Northern Forests where they would be more secure to continue on in their mystical ways.

On their trek the Torva Quod Solvo band came across a fiery band led by a young Chieftess, she didn’t like to be called En, named Danika as they practiced warring ways in the forests. Something Danika made her sisters do every day to ensure they were strong and prepared to defend themselves from the men and outlaws who would seek to capture them.

The two leaders, one En one Chieftess, approached one another as their full bands stood behind each of them.

Nerves were bound tighter than drawn bow strings as each huntress on the field awaited the order from her respective leader to attack. Buzzards began to circle overhead in the sky awaiting the feast of flesh they expected to be left upon the field in a short time. The forest around the field grew deathly quiet. And in the end, no orders to attack ever came.

Instead, the Chieftess of the Valkyrie Panthers and the En of the Torva Quod Solvo saw in one another some bright flame and a kindred spirit. Rather than engaging in battle they embraced in friendship, and so too did their sisters.

For many years from that day they lived in harmony of spirit, these two very different groups of unique panther girls, with a perfect blending of magic and might, calling themselves the Valkyrie Torva.

But, harmony of such different cultures isn’t easy to find, and is even harder to maintain, especially when there are multiple leaders. It is but human nature for loyalties to divide between them and over time minor events led to divisions growing within the band.

And the day came when Robin believed staying together was tearing them apart, so she took her leave from the Valkyrie Torva, once again trekking deeper into the darkest parts of the forest to find a hilltop she would sit upon and call home for panther girls seeking a beautiful life.

Robin found her hilltop in the deepest, darkest corner of the Northern Forest, and area referred to as Mirkwood due to it’s thick canopy and constant haze.

Adopting the color of the haze, purple, as her new band’s color she declared her band would be called Sa’Pasheen, for the “beautiful life” they would create beneath the light of the three moons.

Some sisters of the Valkyrie Torva followed Robin into the murky darkness of the forest and some remained with their Chieftess. This is the way of things, and this is the story of the Sa’Pasheen. Robin’s band.

This is the history, as true as it be known to any alive, of the unique and mighty band you belong to. Never forget it nor the nameless many upon whose accomplishments and reputations you now stand. Make their spirits proud as you continue forging paths into tomorrow that the future Sa’Pasheen will follow your own steps on.

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